The Ultimate Virtual Volunteering Guide

A Black woman with braided hair wearing a turquoise shirt with 'VOLUNTEER' printed on the back. She is standing in front of a group of children in blue plaid uniforms.

The Ultimate Virtual Volunteering Guide With the pandemic altering how we operate, volunteering pivoted, providing remote volunteer opportunities in this new landscape. That means your impact now transcends geographical constraints and can be felt from anywhere with internet access. Your virtual act of kindness is not only convenient but allows you to engage in diverse […]

Collaborative Custom Services

At M&M International, we recognize that every organization is unique, with its own distinct mission, challenges, and goals. That’s why we offer Collaborative Designed Services, providing tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs and aspirations of your organization. Collaborative Custom Services We believe in the power of collaboration. Our approach involves […]

Communications & Case Development

The Case for Support is a foundational document that articulates the unique value and impact of your nonprofit organization. It serves as a persuasive tool to engage and inspire donors, stakeholders, and the wider community by effectively conveying the importance of your mission, programs, and initiatives. Communications & Case Development Our team collaborates closely with […]

Revenue Generation Plan (Fundraising Plan)

A revenue generation plan (RGP) is a crucial tool for nonprofit organizations aiming to enhance their philanthropic revenue. The RGP encompasses various aspects of revenue generation, including organizational positioning, case for support, and fundraising strategies across multiple channels. It delves into key aspects of your organization from your goals, annual fundraising, and prior strategic plans […]

Corporate Social Responsibility / Partnership Development

Partnerships between nonprofits and corporations have transformative power. Our Partnership Development service is designed to help your nonprofit organization establish meaningful collaborations with businesses, leveraging their resources, expertise, and networks to drive positive social and environmental impact. Corporate Social Responsibility / Partnership Development Our experienced consultants work closely with both your nonprofit and corporations to […]

Strategic (Missional) Planning

Strategic planning is a vital process that empowers your organization to establish a clear and comprehensive roadmap toward achieving your mission and goals. We specialize in guiding nonprofits through this transformative journey, ensuring that every step aligns physical, human, and financial resources with the programs and opportunities within the organization and the broader community. Strategic […]

Campaign Planning & Feasibility Studies

A well-designed and executed feasibility study serves as the foundation for a successful fundraising initiative. Whether you are at the initial exploratory stage of a campaign or seeking valuable insights and feedback from key stakeholders on your existing plans, we can help you ask the right questions, engage the right people, and identify the right […]

Campaign Management

Successful campaigns thrive in four essential areas: A compelling case for support Effective campaign leadership Engaged stakeholders and prospects, A well-crafted plan Campaign Management We understand that managing a campaign can be overwhelming for busy nonprofits. That’s why we go beyond advice; we actively assess, analyze, plan, and implement the day-to-day activities of your fundraising […]

Restoring St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Restoring St. Peter's Anglican Church M&M International, a leading consultancy specializing in campaign development and fundraising strategies, joined forces with St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Cobourg, Ontario, to support their mission of lifelong learning, growing, and serving in the body of Christ. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, a historic institution, faced critical challenges, including the urgent […]

Empowering All Saints’ Service to the Community

Empowering All Saints’ Service to the Community Our partnership with All Saints aimed to address specific challenges and propel their mission forward, with a focus on campaign development, fundraising strategies, and long-term stability. The collaboration between M&M International and All Saints yielded remarkable results, significantly impacting the nonprofit’s operations and financial stability 110% Increase in […]