A revenue generation plan (RGP) is a crucial tool for nonprofit organizations aiming to enhance their philanthropic revenue. The RGP encompasses various aspects of revenue generation, including organizational positioning, case for support, and fundraising strategies across multiple channels. It delves into key aspects of your organization from your goals, annual fundraising, and prior strategic plans to systems, processes, leadership, and staffing. By evaluating each of these areas, the plan offers targeted recommendations to optimize revenue generation.

Revenue Generation Plan
(Fundraising Plan)

This strategic roadmap serves as a guide for your organization over the next 3 to 5 years and lays the groundwork for longer-term growth. By conducting a thorough assessment of your organization’s current revenue streams and identifying areas for potential expansion, an RGP provides. The purpose is to provide tailored recommendations based on your organization’s needs and areas of opportunity to your Board of Directors and staff. It identifies opportunities or gaps in revenue generation and sustainability, recommends goals and objectives for greater fundraising success, instills confidence in financial management and fundraising roles, and informs volunteers and staff about the organization’s strategy.

The RGP goes beyond strategic recommendations. It provides insightful recommendations to improve fundraising initiatives, enhance major gift programs, target aligned foundations, strengthen planned giving efforts, optimize fundraising strategies, elevate your online fundraising channels, and ensure fundraising events align with your mission and achieve desired goals. This holistic approach ensures that your organization has a clear understanding of the necessary steps to achieve revenue growth and can allocate resources effectively.