Ameesha Rana

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Ameesha is a Marketing and Communications professional who finds great pleasure in being a transmitter of mission, and purpose. With a keen understanding of her employer’s and customer’s motivations, she excels in crafting compelling messages across diverse marketing channels. Ameesha firmly believes in the transformative power of the written word, viewing it as a catalyst for change in both thoughts and behaviors.

Originally arriving in Canada as a psychology graduate, Ameesha pivoted towards business studies, where her determination to become a full-time communications expert solidified. With a decade’s experience of writing personally, she contributes to Substack as The Quiet Creator, a platform where she nurtures her creativity and carves space for her introverted self as an artist.

Currently enrolled in the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber College, Ameesha is dedicated to honing her skills as a proficient transmitter of people’s work and brand narratives. Beyond her prowess in stringing together impactful sentences, she seamlessly integrates her passion for design both in her professional endeavors and personal pursuits.