Martha Asselin

Managing Director

Martha is an accomplished consulting professional. Early in her career, Martha provided consultancy services to renowned corporations such as Toyota Canada Inc. and Canadian Pacific Railway, contributing to complex and multifaceted projects. Over the last 18 years, she has used her business skills to become a leader in the non-profit and charitable sectors consulting in financial and strategic planning initiatives. 

Martha has a proven ability to develop and execute a suite of philanthropic services, from conducting feasibility studies to developing and executing revenue generation strategies, and managing fundraising campaigns. In addition, she has fostered connections within the sector to ensure the financial sustainability and growth of organizations. Moreover, Martha’s effective communication, strong leadership, strategic thinking, and analytical acumen, enable her to navigate complex challenges and drive positive outcomes.

Martha’s academic qualifications perfectly complement her extensive professional experience. Building on her Commerce degree from Concordia University, she actively pursues education to diversify her skill set. Martha has earned her Gift Planning Certification from the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, obtained a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Toronto, and an accreditation in Change Management. She is currently pursuing an MTS at the University of Toronto. This commitment to education and understanding the intersection of organizational mission and philanthropy enables her to guide nonprofit organizations with a purpose-driven approach.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Martha is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability. Her dedication to preserving the environment aligns seamlessly with organizations that prioritize both social and ecological responsibility. Martha also contributes her time to a refugee services agency while actively promoting environmental awareness.