A well-designed and executed feasibility study serves as the foundation for a successful fundraising initiative. Whether you are at the initial exploratory stage of a campaign or seeking valuable insights and feedback from key stakeholders on your existing plans, we can help you ask the right questions, engage the right people, and identify the right path forward.

Campaign Planning & Feasibility Studies

Through this study process, we conduct a comprehensive examination of your organization, donors, and community, gathering both quantitative data and qualitative feedback. Our approach involves a combination of personal face-to-face confidential interviews and open forum meetings, supported by online and personal contact methods to provide a holistic view of your fundraising potential.

We go beyond assessing your organization’s internal landscape; we also compare your findings with similar organizations, offering you a sense of confidence as you embark on any financial initiative. Our process addresses crucial questions: Does your project resonate with supporters? What is an achievable goal? Who will support this initiative, and who can assume leadership roles?