Strategic planning is a vital process that empowers your organization to establish a clear and comprehensive roadmap toward achieving your mission and goals. We specialize in guiding nonprofits through this transformative journey, ensuring that every step aligns physical, human, and financial resources with the programs and opportunities within the organization and the broader community.

Strategic (Missional) Planning

Our strategic planning services provide actionable guidance across high-level areas, offering an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into your organization’s current needs, practices, and community dynamics. M&M International goes beyond theory and provides hands-on guidance. We work closely with you to ensure that these statements align with your nonprofit’s experiences and serve as the guiding compass for future plans. We engage with your team to develop or refine your vision and mission statements, utilizing proven techniques and sharing illustrative materials. Through this collaborative process, we help illuminate your organization’s purpose and direction, helping align the efforts of all stakeholders, including staff, board members, and partners, towards a common purpose and ensuring that your organization is adaptable and responsive to changes in the environment.