Demonstrating Gratitude: Thanking Best Practices for Board Members

As a nonprofit board member, expressing gratitude towards donors is an essential part of your role. Donors play a significant role in supporting the mission of the organization, and it is important to let them know how much their contributions mean to you and the people you serve. Here are some gratitude practices that you […]

5 Benefits of Collaborating with Like-Minded Organizations for Nonprofits

As a non-profit organization, it’s important to partner with other companies and organizations that share your same values. This not only helps further your cause, but also builds trust and credibility with the public. Benefits of Collaborating with Like-Minded Organizations for Nonprofits Here are some of the benefits of collaborating with like-minded organizations: You can […]

How Personalized Videos Help Strengthen Donor Relations

Strong donor relations are a key component of successful fundraising campaigns. Personalized videos are a great way to strengthen those relations and keep your donors engaged. Tips for Creating Personalized Videos for Donor Relations Personalized videos for your donors are an effective tool to help donors feel appreciated and valued, encouraging them to continue supporting […]