Restoring St. Peter's Anglican Church

M&M International, a leading consultancy specializing in campaign development and fundraising strategies, joined forces with St. Peter's Anglican Church in Cobourg, Ontario, to support their mission of lifelong learning, growing, and serving in the body of Christ. St. Peter's Anglican Church, a historic institution, faced critical challenges, including the urgent need for capital campaign funding to address structural issues threatening the 170-year-old church building.

The collaboration between
St. Peter's Anglican Church and M&M International
led to impressive outcomes

Renovations Completed

Essential repairs were undertaken, allowing the church to reopen its doors to the community.

Heritage Dinner Success

The Heritage Dinner event raised over $50,000 in support of the campaign.

Exceeded Fundraising Goal

The total funds raised reached an astonishing $1,100,000, surpassing the initial fundraising target.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg ON Mission

St. Peter's Anglican Church is committed to lifelong learning, growth, and service within the body of Christ. Their historic building, overlooking Victoria Park in Cobourg's downtown area, serves as a community hub and symbol of faith.

St. Peter's Anglican Church encountered significant challenges prior to engaging M&M International's services


  • Critical Repairs Needed: The church's 170-year-old structure required essential repairs to the roof, ceiling, and bell tower to meet current Ontario Building Code requirements.
  • Unsafe Conditions: The building was deemed unsafe due to the potential risks posed by falling plaster and water leakage from the roof. As a result, the parish had to cease using the church in 2018.

The partnership between St. Peter's Anglican Church and M&M International began with a clear scope of work:

  •  Feasibility Study: To assess the feasibility of a capital campaign.
  • Capital Campaign: To raise $850,000, including contributions from the parish and the broader community, even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Changes in Nonprofit Performance

Several key improvements were observed, including enhancements in stewardship processes, program capacity, communication, and community engagement.